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I welcomed 2012 in a blissful slumber, powered by a 16-mile training run on New Year’s Eve. I’m in the middle of training for my first full marathon, and 16 miles is, to date, the furthest distance I’ve run. I’ve got a fantastic training partner for this race, and the miles have flown by.

That said, here are my running goals for the year

1. Become a marathoner. I’m registered for the Rock N Roll USA marathon in DC on 3/17. I’m excited and feeling good about it. Intimidated, but confident that with proper training I’ll get there. No whammies, no injuries! Got it?

2. Run 1012 miles. Get it? 1012 in 2012? I know, I know. Stop the  cuteness.

3. Run a Ragnar Relay. I’m looking at Ragnar Tennessee and putting out feelers on who might want to do it with me. Anyone, anyone?

4. Do a one-armed pushup. This is a leftover goal from 2011 that I just never really worked on. I’m far, far stronger than I was a year ago when I first set that goal, but I need to just DO IT.

Non-running goals:

1. Spend more time with my Bible. I pray a lot, I meditate on the Word a lot, but I’m not the best student of, well, anything. I’m thinking of using this plan so that I don’t get overwhelmed with the other work I do for classes I’m involved in.

2. Eat a wider variety of foods. My diet is pretty varied but I know I can improve it. I’ve got some beets in the kitchen right now that are testimony to this goal. Recipes welcome.

I could come up with about 10 more goals, but I’m thinking that will keep me pretty busy, so that’s the end of the formal list.