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After I registered for Rock N Roll USA, I waited for quite some time (for me) to announce it to the world (well, the Facebook world). Partly because, well, it’s a scary thing to tell friends you don’t know that well that you’re planning to do something kinda big. Some of them will call you nuts, some will give you that condescending “Better you than me” line, some will just silently wait for you to fail (and y’all all know that that happens.” But really, I didn’t so much want to tell anyone because there was a time when I said, often and loudly, “I’ll never run a full marathon! I’m a happy half-marathoner and I can’t see every wanting to do twice the distance!”

Well, never say never, I guess. Something happened after my last 1/2, in October. I just kept running. I didn’t really want to take a long break afterward, I wanted to be out in the cooler weather, and I slowly, almost accidentally started building my base. And that happened at the BEGINNING of my best running season. I am a cold weather girl, and in Georgia I feel like the best running weather STARTS in December. It just started to make since that if I ever wanted to do one, know was the time. I was healthy, and also had started to understand, through a long process of being semi-injured, what I need to do to stay healthy. (For me it’s: More stretching. More foam rolling. More massage. Basically, more after-care.) I toyed with waiting till spring 2013 (I don’t want to train in the sweltering Southern summer for a full) but who knows what might happen in a year? So I found a Saturday marathon in an area I’d love to explore by foot, and found a friend who wanted to both run it, train it, and travel to it with me.  It just seemed to be the right time.

It just seemed right.

Here are my current answers to my own earlier objections.

1. I’ll get burnt out on running. That objection was one that I developed back when I didn’t really *love* running. I loved the benefits, I loved the shrinking nature of my posterior… but I didn’t love the activity itself. I also didn’t realize how seasonal running can be, how nice it is to take a bit of well-deserved time off after a big event. I get all of those things now. I LOVE running. I also know that if I get a little tired of running, I can head for the bike and be fine. I’ve also learned that whole thing about resting making you stronger.

2. I can’t do it, I have that scoliosis thing. This is still a concern, but I feel ready to try. So far my scoliosis hasn’t affected my running at all, as far as I know. And my weekly mileage is still not over-the-top. So Imma go for it while I can.

3. I’ll run my body into the ground and won’t be able to run when I’m older. My highest-mileage weeks on my training plan will be only about 7-8 miles higher than what I was running in early December. Not that big of a jump.

I guess what’s really happened is I’ve just grown as a runner over the last couple of years. And this just doesn’t seem like an unreachable goal. My views on it have definitely evolved as I’ve become a more seasoned runner.


Bottom line: All my excuses are gone! What’s a girl to do?