My four year old is quite concerned about my toenails. She visited my podiatrist (yes, she’s mine. I own her.) last time I went, and now she eyes my toes a good deal and asks ‘What is dried blood?’ as I apparently have a good deal of that under one of my nails. To be perfectly honest, I have trauma to five out of my ten tootsies. Hence the reason I’m so close to my podiatrist. Here’s my daughter checking out the damage this morning. 20120308-103927.jpg
I do lace my shoes to pull the toe box up away from my nails, but they bang against it anyway. Here’s video of how to do it if you’d like to give it a whirl.


I have managed to anger my IT Band over the last couple of weeks, and was despairing as everyone seems to struggle with this, and often rest seems to be the only answer to the problem. But someone suggested I ‘hit the machines’ to strengthen my adductors and abductors. This makes so much sense when you look at the muscular diagrams of the lower body. But yesterday when I went to BodyPump, a woman who I know has struggled with ITBS was here early, doing what were clearly exercises for her abductors. I talked with her about it and she gave me some tips she’s gotten on exercises and stretches for ITBS from her physical therapist. First and foremost, she claims that the machines are not great for what runners need because they don’t get deep enough into the glutes. Makes sense, and I’d felt that it wasn’t quite getting it when I was on the machine last week. Lo and behold, after one round of her exercises and lots and lots of the stretch she showed  me, I’ve gone from hobbling about to feeling pretty much fine. I also rolled my, um, cheek around on the tennis ball last night, which is never a bad idea. Ahhhhhh… relief.

I can’t find a pic of the stretch but sit down, with legs outstretched. Flex your feet and put the foot of the hurtin’ leg on top of the other foot. Hold it, breathe into it, love it. Switch legs, repeat.

The strengthening she was doing was a derivative of when you lay on one side and lift the top leg up and down. You’ve probably seen that one. But she added this: raise the top leg straight up, then lower it as far as you can IN FRONT of the bottom leg. Bring it back and up and lower it as far as you can BEHIND the bottom leg. Switch legs and do the same thing on the opposite side.

Here are some more exercises I’m considering adding into my reportoirrrrrrrrrre…


I made this yesterday. It’s from skinnytaste.com/Gina’s Weight Watchers and I saw it on a friend’s Facebook page.

I usually only use my CrockPot to rehydrate and cook dried beans, because so many CrockPot recipes call for a Cream of Something Bad for You soup base. But I saw this recipe–a chicken stock based one– and my spicy-food loving self was intrigued. I don’t love it, as the meat would just be so much better if it weren’t cooked so long in the CP. But the flavor was great, especially with the homemade stock I had leftover from recently.  And, I really need to incorporate more scallions into my life. I didn’t  add the cheese, but I did crumble some chips in the leftovers for lunch today.

Today is a rest day after yesterday’s tempo run, abs class, and BodyPump two-a-day. Tomorrow I have 3-miles on tap, before Saturday’s taper “long run” of 8 miles.