Saturday afternoon: Keep Moving!

After I crossed the finish line and got my medal, I headed for food. I tore into a bagel and a bottle of water, grabbed some chocolate milk (I could do a whole other blog post on how genius the Milk marketing people are for sponsoring races, but I won’t. I’ll just say, I love chocolate milk for recovery and was so glad it was there.). I picked up pretty much everything else they offered but didn’t end up eating any of it, except for the Snickers Marathon bar the next day for lunch. I found Kristiana and Lane and we talked while I stretched out some and then Lane took off. I had read parts of Hal Higdon’s Marathon recently and remembered his advice on what to do directly afterward: keep moving. So after I’d briefly stretched I went to the bathroom. I’d asked Kristiana to bring toilet paper since I figured they’d be out pretty quickly at the finish, and they were. Always bring toilet paper to a race. Always. You can always give it to someone or leave it in the porta potty. If it doesn’t save your day, it will make someone else’s. That’s being a good runner neighbor right there.

We hopped back on the train and rode to the hotel. It’s always fun to hear runner talk on the train. I really love doing races where transit is an option; it’s just fun to be with ‘my people’ and listen (eavesdrop I guess) on their experiences. It also means more walking and moving and not as much post-race tightening up of the muscles. We ended up riding with Dan Evans from The Biggest Loser. I don’t watch the show, but remembered a Biggest Loser guy who is also a musician had played after RnR Nashville last year. He was wearing a Biggest Loser shirt and had RnR VIP bracelets on, so I did a search on him. Didn’t talk to him, but it makes me think races are where the E-list celebs hang out. 😉

Before we went to the  hotel we went to Potbelly’s sandwiches so Kristiana could get lunch and I could get my celebratory pickle. You know what is better than chocolate milk after a race? A pickle. I discovered that last year after the Peachtree. Especially if it’s hot… this girl loves a salty, vinegary pickle. Try it. You’ll like it. But don’t try it WITH the chocolate milk.

Back at the hotel, it was more stretching and foam rolling. We lounged a bit; I kept trying to change positions as much as possible. We hemmed and hawed about where to eat and finally settled on Lauriol Plaza. We got ready and I did let Kristiana talk me twist my rubber leg into taking a cab. We waited, but not for long. I was starting to feel stiff by this point, and everyone in the restaurant was about 10 years younger than us. I did my best to not act like a stiffening up 80-year-old lady recovering marathoner but sitting down to wait for 25 minutes and then sitting down for the meal definitely made things tighter. But the fried plantains, incredible beef fajitas, and quacamole totally made up for any weird looks I may have gotten. I probably should have worn my medal, because then I’d have openly worn my reason for moving so slow, but I’m normally not a medal-wearing-girl. Next time, I think I will be.

Home we went, and we were in bed by 8:30. We talked a little bit, and talked about running music… which somehow got us to Kristiana’s non-running music, and she played me this song. Stuff like that is just one reason I love her! It’s what I drifted off to, and was a pretty great end to a brilliant day.

Sunday: Keep Moving, Part Two

Our initial plan for the weekend had us staying in DC in the morning for church, but in the end, we both booked flights that got us home for church with our families in Chicago and Atlanta. Kristiana was up at 5, and I got up to talk to her before she left. I had every intention of going back to bed after she left, but ended up putting on my shoes and going out for a recovery run–another Higdon tip. A recovery shuffle might be more accurate, but anyway, I was out there. I saw the sun rise over the White House, so that made the “ouch” I felt at every stop and start of the traffic lights a little more worth it. It wasn’t a miserable run, though, I think the moving on Saturday definitely helped.

Good Morning from the White House!


I went back to the hotel and stretched really well, and foam rolled… again. I may have spent more time stretching and foam rolling over the weekend than running. Then I got ready, packed, and went out to walk the mall before I had to catch my flight home. I got to take in the cherry blossoms at a slower pace, and see the WWII memorial, which I’d never seen before. I also wanted to see the Vietnam Memorial, so I headed that way. The mall was bustling with sightseers and runners, and lots of good people-watching. A runner in a smashing purple shirt was headed for me when we caught each other’s eye and I realized it was my friend from middle school, Sarah. I haven’t seen her in person in at least 15 years. She is training for her first 1/2 in June and while she had known I was going to be in town, it had not worked out for her to join us Friday for dinner. How awesome for this Atlanta girl to see a friend from Danville, KY on the mall in DC! We talked for a bit and then I headed back to the hotel to get ready to go home.

Uneventful flight, ended up sitting next to a 4x marathoner so he showed me his Nike GPS, which I’ve been eyeing for my husband, and I helped him find running routes in New Orleans, where he was headed. Getting off the plane I definitely felt the race in my quads. Food. Nap. Church. Sleep.

Monday: Business as Usual?

Monday I felt… really good actually. Went to BodyPump and Abs class because I’ve gotten so much support from my teacher Lisa and the other people in the class, and because I feel like it’s made a huge difference in my running. I also wanted to cross train and stretch afterward. I was glad I went, because here is what was on the mirror in front of ‘my space!’

The stretching really helped… I’ve not felt an ache or pain since Monday, and I’m so happy to feel this good! I’m working on a post about my thoughts on the marathon–how it went, what I’d change, and if I’ll do another one. Also, specific thoughts on the RnR series and Competitor Group after doing another of their races.