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This morning I took a break from racing to bring the noise for a friend running her first 5k. Marla was graduating from Couch to 5k and I wanted to be there to cheer her on.

Last week I picked up some thunder sticks just for the occasion. I also raided my daughters’ musical instruments for some bells. Here’s our cheer gear:


The girls got to wear their new SkirtSports skirts to cheer in.


We ran into Marla, her husband and daughter as soon as we pulled up. She was ready to go and looking strong!


There was a good sized kids’ race since the event benefitted Decatur schools… And then the big kids lined up for the start.

Notice something missing? I think a lot of the ladies were at the ATC’s Women’s 5k.

The route looped back past the start within the first mile so we got to cheer A LOT. I missed Marla on the first pass but saw her come around the corner to the finish, all smiles and high fives. Tried to get a pic but couldn’t wrangle children, thunder sticks and my phone.
Congrats to Marla… And my friend Sarah, who I’ve known since middle school and now lives in DC. She is in town with her parents for the NCAA tournament, and her parents both won age group awards. Nice! Way to represent, Danville Kentucky!

I loooooved being the cheerleader today, loved returning to the site of my first 5k, and loved seeing a new runner finish her first race. Way to go Marla! Well done!