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I am a little sad to be writing these posts because it means my wonderful runcation with my sister is over. This was our first ever Sister Day celebration, and I had a great time. I can’t speak for her, but she laughed a lot so I think she had fun too. We got the idea from Rose, a wonderful woman I know who organized Sister Day celebrations for her girls, who are now very close teenagers. My girls had their first Sister Day last year, and my sister Lesley and I liked the idea so much that we decided to have one of our own–and make it a Runcation. Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run (a 35-year-old 10k) had a booth at the expo for the Peachtree Road Race last year. Since neither of us had been to Chucktown before, it was decided.

We left later than anticipated on Friday, but we had First Wave on Lesley’s XM radio, so it all works out, right? We were in a good mood:

We brought snacks:

The Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix is pretty incredible. I love it so much that, like a beloved lipstick color, I am sure it will be discontinued soon.

Lead Foot Lesley got us near Charleston pretty fast, where we saw the incredibly gorgeous James Ravenel Jr bridge from the interstate. We also saw a ton of Friday/Spring Break/Big Race traffic. Never fear, I put my ninja navigational skills to use and we were at our hotel pretty quickly. Lesley scored us a sweet deal on the hotel that: 1) backs up to Marion Square (where the finish line festival is), 2) is two blocks from the expo and 3) is 4 blocks from the ferry boat that would take us to the start on Saturday. And by ‘sweet deal’ I mean she got us $800 worth of hotel for free with Hilton points. Sister Day for the win! We threw our bags down and headed to packet pickup and the expo.

Packet Pickup: Smooth and easy. Expo: madhouse. CRBR is moving the location next year and I think it’s a smart move. It was way too crowded. And I have a theory that overcrowding makes people act like uncivilized nincompoops. Example: the women hoarding free Chobani and pretzels as though they had no hope of encountering a grocery store for the next two weeks. It’s just unbecoming.

Luckily, my nerves didn’t give out before I completed my main mission: buying running sunglasses. I’ve never run with sunglasses before and wanted to pick up some cheap ones to try–someone has warned me how bright it can be on the bridge. I also got a visor; again, something to try out as the weather warms up. My hunch is I will hate the visor, but it was only $10. You can see in the pic the race shirt and bag. The artwork on both is gorj.


The whole city seems to get excited about the race:

Billboard on the interstate:


Our initial plan was to go to the Taste of the Bridge Run at the expo. But after leaving Atlanta late it wasn’t happening. It was nearly 8:00 when we got out of the expo, and we still hadn’t eaten. Pre-race dinner time for me is 5:00 so we headed out for Kickin’ Chicken on King Street. Ordered fried pickles (a potentially bad pre-race pick, but so worth the risk). Unfortunately we waited 45 minutes for our sandwiches and still our table looked like this:

The money you see is what we left for the pickles before we walked out. We split a burrito from Moe’s in our hotel room. So much for our first night in a great food city.

After laying out clothes and bibbing up, we went to bed way too late–10:30 for a 5 AM wake up call. At least it was good sleep!