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Things I am excited about, in order of when they are happening.

1. Beat the Street For Little Feet

Artist James Dean does the t-shirt designs. So cute.

This is one of my favorite races in Atlanta, and I am so excited to be taking part of it again this year. The last time I ran it was 2009, when the race was still held in the fall. I’ve had friends who have sent their kids to this school, and it seems like a neat place for kids to be. The race is commonly known as the “Pete the Cat” race because the illustrator for the children’s books designs the T-shirt. I’ve always liked these shirts better than the Peachtree Road Race shirts. BUT my shirts from previous years swallow me whole. This year, I’m looking forward to actually wearing one in public.

But more than that, I’m excited because this is the first year we will be doing this race as a family! My husband is running the 5k as he amps up his training for Ragnar Chicago. My 4 year old will be running the Kid’s Race. And my 6 year old is gleefully looking forward to running the 1-mile race with me. She is so proud of anything she gets to do with me or that is like me so I am looking forward to making a memory with her.

2. Run Like a Mother Party

The cover of the new book by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. I love the orange-i-ness of it.

Through the magic of Twitter, I scored myself an invite to a house party next week with Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. You may know them as the authors of Run Like a Mother and the newly released Train Like a Mother books and the voices behind the Run Like a Mother podcasts. All of those are great resources for women who want to run and need a little help from or camaraderie with others who juggle childcare, husband-care, house-care and self-care to get out on the roads and run. Sarah will be fresh off the Boston Marathon so she should have some great stories to tell. There will be about 50 other runners there, lots of NUUN hydration tablets, and I’m told there will also be swag, so… it should be a sweet little shindig. They will be in town for the Zooma Women’s races that weekend, so if you want to meet them, too, I’m pretty sure the Expo is the place to find them next Saturday.

3. I have legs!

For Ragnar Chicago, that is. Team captain, Tim, has assigned us our legs for the race. I’m Runner Nine. First leg: 8.2 miles, Second Leg: 5.3 miles, Third Leg: 4.8 miles. All on beautiful flat, Upper Midwestern Terrain. Lots of trails, so let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t sprain anything. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also stoked that my husband and I get to be in the same van as Tim.ย  Remember, I’ve never met him, and he is just such a wealth of knowledge that I’m sure he’ll be excited to push me out of the van on my legs so that he gets a break from all my questions! I’m working to put together a team for Ragnar Tennessee (3 spots left–anyone want to join us?) so I’m excited not only to run Chicago but also to figure out how to do things right so my TN team will have a great time, too.

More to come on all of those as they happen. If you have any advice on making a relay great from either a runner or captain perspective, let me know!