Here are just a sampling of what will shuffle into my ears for the Wisconsin Marathon 1/2 on Saturday… Some of these are constant favorites, and some are recently added. I am feeling pretty rock-n-roll right now, so that’s mostly what I’m including here. I’ve been wondering how I used to run to so much dance-y garbage. That pendulum will swing back again, I’m sure.

Takin’ Care of Business-Bachman Turner Overdrive

Brass Monkey-Beasties

London Calling-The Clash

Photograph-Def Leppard

Hungry Like the Wolf-Duran Duran

Warrant-Foster the People

You Dropped a Bomb on Me-The Gap Band


Don’t Change-INXS

Jackson-Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash (a surprisingly great song for running)

Somebody Told Me-The Killers

Beat It-MJ (show ’em how funky, strong is your fight!)

Wanna Be Startin’ Something-MJ

Salute Your Solution-The Raconteurs

Walk This Way-Aerosmith/Run DMC

Whoomp! There it Is-Tag Team (what? what are you looking at? can’t I have a mid-90’s dance party flashback if I want to?)

Jump-Van Halen

Higher Ground-RHCP (do you wonder if Flea runs to his own music? i do.)

Gold on the Ceiling-Black Keys

There are actually 128 songs total on the playlist but is there anything glaring that am I missing?