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So, remember how nervous I was to meet with my Atlanta Track Club coach? Well, I had my first meeting with her Thursday and I am still nervous about working with her, but am way more excited than I am nervous. She is clearly a great coach; at once encouraging and also hardcore.  The biggest takeaway was that I have been swinging my arms wrong (across my body) which is causing a nasty hip swing, which is probably causing my upper hip pain. I was pretty convinced that it was my scoliosis so I am beyond thrilled that she thinks she has the answer. I can also report that, after three days of running with the new arm swing, that hip muscle has not made a peep. And my per mile average has easily dropped by a good :20 because of the change in efficiency. 20 seconds per mile! What is that? That, my friends, is success! So worth whatever humiliations galore that she might put me through.

Speaking of: She still wants me to do a 1600 race at a ATC’s All Comer’s Track meet this month. She’ll run it with me and I’ll suffer through the embarrassment. But the bigger goal is a 25 minute 5k in August. I’m unthrilled about training through the heat of the summer for that, but  if not now, when? I know I can do it; and I WANT IT so bad. So bring it on, Coach! I ain’t complainin’!

Here’s the email she sent detailing what we did and what to expect:

Warm up 1/2 mile or 5-6 Minutes easy running.


Knee Pulls        30x (15 each leg)

Hip rotations     30x (15 each leg)

Butt Kicks        30x (15 each leg)

Frankenstein     30x (15 each leg)

2x100m Stride outs (you only did 1)

You did 1 mile @ 8:15….remember how it felt (pace & leg movements). You looked strong and smooth….SOOOO you are stronger than you think you are!

Now keep to the fore front of your mind that you have to keep your arm swing “hip to lip.” (or hip/face :o). And not across your body…we need to work on protecting your hip muscles.


We will be working solely on arm swing drills with easy 9 min pace work with a period of stretching …I will pace you next time :o)


Will be a liitle more intense, so eat something and wear some tights and a t-shirt. Dont be scared :o). I wont be bad!


Here’s to the Summer of Speed!