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Summer and injury seem to go together for me. I think I train and train all through fall, winter, and spring, and by summer my body is just begging for a break. Right after Ragnar I developed some shin splints. In allowing a bit of time to rest my lower legs, I hit the bike. Apparently, a poorly adjusted bike. I pulled my hip muscle out and it still hurts. It’s especially annoying because I wasn’t running when I hurt it! And yet, if I rest, it feels better. And if I run, even though this wasn’t a running injury to begin with, it hurts again. I’ve run on it for the last two weeks, and the cycle remains the same. Rest, no pain. Run, pain. Yes, ice helps the pain, but I want it to heal! I *think* it may be the very top of the IT Band, and that is just not something I want to make any angrier.

So I guess more rest is in order. I’m trying to think long-term here. I want to be ready to go for Ragnar Tennessee.  Taking the rest of July off from running will be a pain–it’ll mean more time in the gym so I can hit the rowing machine–clearly I’m not real keen on biking at this point, and the pool is so time-consuming, though I may try it. So, I’ll be posting some of my cross-training tips and adventures for you. I already do a fair amount of other stuff besides running, so I’ll share some about what I do, how it benefits my running, and why I love my cross training time.

Well, it’s off to ice the hip and figure out creative ways to include turmeric in my diet! I already add ground turmeric to my coffee before it brews. If anyone has any other ways to use turmeric without eating curry for every meal, pass it on!