I’m running again, I’m running again! So far so good–I just have to spend more time stretching and massaging than I do running, but I’ll take it. I’m sitting on my Tight Glute Tennis Ball as I type this.  It’s working, so don’t knock it, y’all! Despite my lower mileage, I’ve been in the gym alot and I’ve been changing up my playlist like a mad woman lately. There’s so much fun music out there this summer. Here are a few songs I’m liking.


Something Old (not really, but the band is one of my old favorites). I can’t wait for the new No Doubt album and tour!. I’ll be honest, I don’t love this for running because the single is 6:00 long and includes a lot of slowness at the beginning and the end. But I love the try-and-stop-me lyrics “I’m rough and tough, Nothing’s gonna stop this girl now” and for weight training or even indoor machines, I like it a lot:


Something New:

I love this song. It just makes me feel amazing. I’m putting the lyrics-only version on here just because I’m too lazy to vet the official video to see if it’s trashy or not.


Something Fun:

I heard this song the other day and it is SO FUN. It speaks so strongly to my inner 14 year old–the one who bypassed pop music and went straight to The Cure and other depressing music. I make up for it now with sheer bubble gum. And that’s okay, right? I also love this because the first time I heard it, the lyrics screamed “RAGNAR” to me–the lines about sleeping in your clothes and waking up at twilight. Yes. Good times.


Enjoy–any other new music I should know about?