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Any questions?

Any questions?

So you can probably guess that when I heard there was an Atlanta 5k that offers bacon at the finish line, I’d have to snatch that up. Because runners are a smart lot, I figure many of you, like me, also love bacon, and would want to know more about the geniuses who decided to mix two of life’s finest pleasures. They’re even throwing in a side of Piedmont Park and Spring in Atlanta to boot. Here, a quick Q&A with Alex and Brad, the brains behind Atlanta’s Brunch Run.

How did you come up with the idea for the Brunch Run?

Alex: We both ran in college and something that was always common throughout the team was eating after a run or after practice. It was a good way to decompress and bond and obviously delicious. When we were trying to come up with ideas for our race we wanted something that would be a fun weekend activity and we thought why not combine brunch (with bacon!) with running.

Lindsay: What makes the Brunch Run different from other races in the area?

Brad: First off, bacon. No other race offers that. We’re trying to leverage our background as competitive runners to offer the things that make competitive running fun without turning it into an event that excludes people who are new to the road racing world. We’re trying to make the race well organized both during the race and during the after party.

Lindsay: You guys were on the track team at Emory and have run a good deal in Atlanta. What are some of your favorite routes/areas to run and why?

Brad: My favorite route has always been counter clockwise around the Emory track. Least favorite, too. Seriously though, I was a jumper/decathlete in college and have only recently begun running longer distances but I run through Piedmont Park almost every morning and basically love running anywhere with trees.

Alex: Funny question, as a distance runner in college I always considered Atlanta a terrible city to run in, however, there have been numerous hidden gems that I’ve discovered throughout the years. The thing I enjoy most about running in Atlanta is that you’re never far from a park that has trails, even if it’s only for a couple miles. My favorite is probably Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve.

We both are really excited about the BeltLine project. We like to bike as well and it’s really changing the city from that perspective.

Alex before a cross country meet

Alex before a cross country meet

Lindsay: Running collegiate track together obviously created a bond between you guys, huh?

Brad: if this doesn’t set the scene, I don’t know what does.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/9981065″>Robin’s Epic 800M Win</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/sbeehler”>SMB</a&gt; on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This was at our indoor conference championship at Brandeis and was the first time Alex won the 800. You can tell from the video that he runs with “spirit” and it’s always fun to watch someone with a great kick.


Brad throwing the jav in the fog

Brad: Also, our official company name is Super Beastly Running but we were really just trying to get the initials SB Running because before cross country meets all the teams generally do a cheer after the pre-race pep talk and Alex’s senior year the team decided being serious before races was overrated so the captain would yell “Sexy” and the team would respond “beasts,” and then spirit fingers for those who felt it was necessary. And that’s just too good of a story to pass up.

Spirit fingers are always necessary, in my opinion. Okay, let’s say you’ve just done your long run. Build a dream brunch with your favorite eats from around Atlanta.

Brad: Well my girlfriend was training for a marathon in the fall and she had the pleasure of coming home to coffee, pumpkin pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns and a few friends. I think that’s pretty hard to beat.

Alex: I prefer when someone else prepares my brunch for me.

Brad: Like if I prepare it.

Alex: Yea, but if you’re not around Creamy Dreamy Grits from Flying Biscuit with bottomless coffee, home fries from Sweet Melissa’s, banana peanut butter French toast from Highland Bakery, and if I’m still not full my favorite quick bite is the ham and cheese croissant from San Francisco Coffee Roasters.

Lindsay: *drools* I can also endorse the sweet potato pancakes and pierogi omelette at Rise N Dine. But anyway. Got any insider tips for someone who really wants to rock the Brunch Run?

Alex: Check out Running Coach Carl. He coached me to every one of my lifetime PR’s. He is really hands on and has a good sense of how to individualize his training programs. He has experience working with runners of all ability levels, anywhere from helping people prepare for their first 5K to training NCAA All-Americans. He also will work with you on your form, which I was always in need of. I’ve been told I look like a goblin when I race.

Brad: The group runs at Phidippides also have a wide variety of pace groups so I’d encourage anyone who’s hesitant to check it out.

Alex: Make sure not to skimp on your bacon eating either, gotta replenish.

Lindsay: Anything else you’d like to add that’s important for those of us who love running and brunching?

Brad: We’ve had a lot of people ask us if it’s okay if they walk and it absolutely is! We’re trying to make the event a lot of fun for people of any level because at the end of the day its hard not to enjoy a beautiful May day in the park. But if you’re trying to win keep training; we’re on the hunt for a trophy and we’re looking for someone who can make it bacon-themed.

Lindsay: *spirit fingers* Thanks guys!

The rest of you: Calendars out! May 11, 9AM, Piedmont Park. We’re Brunch Runnin’.

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Twitter: twitter.com/BrunchRun