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I already spent yesterday tweeting about this like it was my job, so Imma just start with the headline:


You may remember my video-the one about Lindsay Locks and the Three Runners. This one:

It got me in as one of 20 runners who get to head to Seattle in August, then on to Portland to run “the Mother of All Relays.”

I am tickled. Beyond thrilled. I CAN’T WAIT.

Now that I have toasted all who made the team, I will now share something with you about the contest, and me:


          I really did do a toast. With Strawberry Lemonade Nuun, of course.

I almost didn’t send my video in. I had the idea for it swirling in my head since the contest last year. You see, I was a late convert to Nuun. I remember first hearing of it in early ’12 from Krissy, and then being introduced to it by Dimity and Sarah at the TLAM release party in Atlanta last year. I loved it the first time I used it, and haven’t trained without it since. I really am a big, big fan. But due to my late start to fan-dom, I only heard about the Nuun HTC contest two days before the entry deadline. I had the idea (and it really did come to me at night), but knew I didn’t have time to execute it properly. And so it stewed.

Then the contest announcement came this year. I wrote a script, and taped it with my husband and kids on a Saturday. But when I saw how I looked on screen, I came *this* close to telling him I didn’t want to send it. That my whole idea was stupid. That I looked awful. I even sent a few bad-self-image texts to my best friend, and divulged some of the feelings to my sister while we were in Charleston, too.

WELL. THANK GOODNESS FOR AWESOME SISTERS AND FRIENDS. My bestie basically told me to shove it. My sister nearly fell over laughing when she watched it, which is always a good sign. And the other applicants–thank goodness for the other applicants! After submitting the video to Nuun just an hour or so before the deadline, I did a little test. I tweeted the link at one of the quietest Twitter hours–just before Midnight Sunday. When I got up I had a few responses to it that were all extremely positive, and from strangers. I started to feel better, and watched it with fresh eyes. I started to get excited.

LESSON: I don’t want to get all Dove-Sketch-Artist-Commercial on you, but seriously: Don’t talk to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t talk to your friends. I wasted several days saying awful things to myself. Things I would never say to anyone else, I berated myself with. And my mood showed for it. And the worst: I know better! But sometimes you just revert. Don’t do that. (I’m talking to myself here. And to you.)

Anyway, enough about contests bringing out the worst in me. Let’s move on and talk about running.

I’m incredibly excited to meet the other runners on the team. During the whole waiting-for-the-judging process there was a lot of support flying around on Twitter, and I think that’s a good sign for team bonding come August. Here they are–don’t they look like a fun bunch (and well-hydrated, too)?

Kimberly – Healthy Strides

Jolene – Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run

Megan – Meg Runner Girl

Lisa – Run Wiki

Mallory – Run Eat Run Eat

Leslie – Triathlete Treats

Holly – Leaps of Faith

Kara – Welcome to Karadise

Jesica – runladylike (my fellow Atlantan!)

Catey – Random Thoughts from the Zoo

Lisa – Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Kristen – Defy Your Limitations

Sarah – Run Far Girl

Meghan – Shoe Stories

Devon – Dev on Running

Karen – Reason to Play

Andrea – the MF Dre

Jenny – We Wander and Ponder

Hannah – Fit Girl Happy Girl


Holly – Fashionable Miles

Melissa – Melissa Runs

Congrats team! Today’s training is dedicated to you! I’ll see you in 127 days (not that I’m counting. Okay, I’m totally counting.)!


                              The Countdown. As though I could forget.