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I am, for the most part, a lone runner. Due to my husband’s work schedule, I squeeze my runs in before breakfast, and don’t get out a lot for group runs. Plus, most of the time I use that time to do important work in my head.

But, like so many people in the last week, I have felt the desire to be out with other runners in the aftermath of Boston.
So last night I dropped the kids with my husband at work and joined a large group of runners at the Big Peach Running location in midtown Atlanta. This group was just one of hundreds that met up at places worldwide to mark the passing of a week since the bombings. I went solo, with the plan of finding Jesica of runladylike at some point before or after the run. Jesica and I have corresponded on Twitter for awhile but now have a new bond–she was also selected to run Hood to Coast with Nuun so we will be representing the A with me.

Before the run Karen from Big Peach read a lovely poem she wrote that talked about the enduring spirit of runners. 20130423-162425.jpg

It included the refrain, “We are One, we will RUN,” which is why everybody is holding up one finger in this picture.

Photo courtesy Big Peach Running Company

Photo courtesy Big Peach Running Company

We then we set off to Piedmont Park-a location the run leaders chose for its spring life and freshness after all the grieving of the week before.

I ran with Jesica and her friend Tisha. The conversation was good and the weather was just perfect. There really is nothing so glorious as spring in Atlanta, and while I know there is much healing to be done, but after the events involving the Tsarnaev brothers last Friday, this felt more like a run to honor victims and to look ahead, instead of strictly to process raw emotions. For that step toward closure, I am grateful. The runs at the 7 BPRC locations brought out 800 people and raised $3,000 for The One Fund for Boston.

After the run I got to enjoy dinner out with Jesica and Tisha, as well as Elizabeth and Melissa. It was nice and relaxing and surprisingly not as full of run-chat as you might think. It is always fun to meet my Twitter people in real life (I got to finally meet Bonnie at Big Peach too.)


Jesica and me. Oh c’mon, you’d have taken this pic too.


Elizabeth is injured right now and still she came out to support Boston. She’s cool like that.

I’m still beyond mortified at the reason we all felt compelled to come out and run, but very grateful that I am part of this community. “We are one. We WILL run.”