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Tomorrow Katie and I leave for the Great White North Wisconsin, with the aim being to secure her BQ on Saturday before we head back home.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Oh wait, yes I could.

You see, my foot hurts.

Two weeks ago I got a new pair of shoes out to start rotating them into my running cycle. It was the week of Boston, so I was angry and not thinking right, and running a lot. Instead of lacing them my usual wonky way (I normally skip a lot of the holes in the middle since the top of my foot is high), I just pulled them out of the box and ran.

How I normally lace my right shoe.

How I normally lace my right shoe.

Cue bruised right foot. Cue insanely tight left leg from overcompensating. Cue tons of cow-face pose, foam rolling, and painful massage to get the leg loosened up.


This is pretty much how I spent the last 10 days. Hard to cook dinner this way, for the record.

And it did, loosen up, after a week of pain, last Sunday night. I can’t tell you with what delight I have been rolling my leg around and just relishing the feeling of it not hurting. Not unlike this:


But the foot pain remains. I have actually considered seriously considered, for the first time in 234 days, breaking my run streak because of it. It HURTS. And it has definitely hurt my training for my plan to jump in with Katie at Mile 23 and run with her to the finish. I have been icing, Aleve-ing, and I even pulled out an old (but little used) pair of ASICS 2170s in hopes that a different lace pattern would help.

The good news: I did a 6-mile progression run Tuesday, ending with a mile slightly faster than her marathon goal pace. The faster I ran, the less my foot hurt. And I mean that honestly, it wasn’t just that I was more focused on the various other huffing-and-puffing pain I was feeling. πŸ˜‰ My body feels strong, so strong. It’s just a matter of the foot. And yes, I could push past the pain for 25 minutes. But I’ve got an insanely busy race schedule coming up that includes a Ragnar and Hood-to-Coast, and I’ve got other people relying on me to not be an idiot get there healthy. So, there’s that. Decisions to make.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the midwest! We leave Atlanta at 8:45 tomorrow morning.

Morning goals:

1. Hydrate Katie in Atlanta and on flight. Bottled water and Nuun. Got it.

2. Feed the marathoner. Probably on touchdown at Midway.

3. Get rental car and pick up Kristiana. Drive to Kenosha. Stop at an Oasis so Katie can see what it’s like to buy Starbucks as you stand atop an interstate.

4. Go to packet pickup. Pick up packet. Drive course.

5. Check into hotel and sit down for a minute. Make some signs.

6. Procure Kringle and cheese curds for post-race celebration.


Really trying to figure out a way to get one of these around Katie’s neck at the finish line. Photo courtesy roadfood.com

7. Feed the marathoner. Haven’t picked a spot for dinner yet.

8. Sleep. Get up. Cheer (at mile 4.5 and 11, AKA in front of the coffeehouse). Jump in and run. Maybe. If foot cooperates.

9. Post-race recovery for Katie. Including a nap.

10. Everything else we are going to do after we get back to Chicago, which may not be much and which, whatever it is, I shall update you with here, later.

Cheerio! Bon voyage! Cheese!

Feet, FOR REAL, don’t fail me now.