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I think about and deal with injuries, and potential injuries, a lot. I hate them, and as a late-in-life newcomer to running, I am somewhat prone to them. I just still have a lot of weaknesses because I never developed my muscles as a kid (hello, sedentary, Nickelodeon-watching childhood). So, I spend a lot of time pre-habbing and I tend to rehab like it’s my job when I do feel something start to go wrong.

I also get a lot of hits on this blog from people seeking help with injuries. It’s true that RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) are vital aspects of recovery from virtually every injury. So anything that makes that easier and more accessible will make it easier to get better and back to running at your desired level. And that’s awesome, right? Right.

Enter Frozen Peaz. They have made an AWESOME product for the serious athlete or the seriously gimpy person who relies on cold OR hot therapy on any sort of regular basis. Trust me, I am an expert in what frozen things make your muscles feel good. I do not know what they have done to get these little balls of frozen goodness to feel so cold for so long, but whatever it is, I approve.


Two of the Peaz packs.

Ice is amazing–in my opinion, far better than NSAIDs like ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. But ice melts. Ziploc bags leak. Frozen vegetables get mushy and their bags tend to rip. And while general icing directions say to ice for 20 minutes, usually by 15 minutes, whatever you’re using is far from icy.

Not so with the Peaz. The frozen glass inside the (non-toxic) substance in the (very sturdy) bag is as cold at 20 minutes as a normal bag of ice is at about 5 minutes. HURRAH.


Glass balls of frozen delight.

I don’t use heat therapy as much, but I did try FrozenPeaz to warm a muscle group before stretching. You don’t have to heat them for long (about 40-60 seconds in the microwave). I had good results and got that thing stretched out.


The large joint wrap. You can see the two straps that secure it here.

I also really like the wrap that comes with FrozenPeaz. It is just the perfect weight to protect my skin from the cold, while still icing whatever is inflamed below. I have the large joint wrap, which has three pockets for Peaz bags, and two completely adjustable velcro straps to attach it. I love this because it is somewhat compressive, and because I can move around and do what I need to do around the house while I ice. That may not be ideal, but it’s the reality of a busy life. I like to ice on the run, so to speak. 🙂

If you get worked up about injuries and like to get them worked out as quickly as possible, I can’t say enough good things about FrozenPeaz. I’ve gotten more effective icing done, more efficiently, than ever before. Get you some!


Disclaimer: FrozenPeaz sent me the large joint package to review, at no charge to me. Opinions are my own, and intended to be educational and to assist in you in your own best judgement. Always follow instructions provided by manufacturer. I am not a professional in any field, and my advice should not be a substitute for any received from a licensed professional as appropriate.