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Nuun Ambassador BadgeIt’s no secret that I love Nuun. That was pretty obvious when I made my video and submitted to become a part of Nuun’s Hood to Coast team.

Now, I’m excited to tell you I’m an ambassador for the brand! I’ll get to share lots of cool stuff about Nuun and hydration with you, and who doesn’t want to experience Better Living Through Hydration? πŸ˜€ (Like this: get 15% off Nuun with code hydrateHTC, now through the end of September. Use it all you want!)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you my Nuun story and fill you in on more about your hydration options with Nuun.

Here’s my story of how I first came to love Nuun. I tried it thanks to Dimity and Sarah when I got the chance to meet them at an Another Mother Runner party in the spring of 2012. Shortly thereafter, when my sister and I went to run the Cooper River Bridge Run, and she ended up scarily dehydrated. She didn’t feel good. She was tired but couldn’t sleep. She was also not making a lot of sense when she talked, which would’ve been funny except it was scary.

So, I Nuun’ed her. Gave her some of mine and made sure she drank it. I then followed her around Charleston, with a continuous stream of “Did you drink something?,” “When did you have a drink?” “Drink something!!!” I’ll stop short of saying it saved her life, but it definitely helped her get back to her normal self much more quickly than if we’d gone it alone. She ultimately got to feeling much better, and I credit the Nuun in helping her get back to normal, sooner. You saved my sister, Nuun! Thank you!

I also credit it with helping me have such a great training cycle and marathon last winter. It tasted so good (no sports-drink sticky mouth) and kept me firing so well that it was all I used to hydrate. And… I cut 37 minutes off my time from 11 months prior. Thanks, Nuun.

So, why should you love Nuun, too? First, you need to understand the importance of hydration. It’s just… fundamental. And yet, many of us don’t stay hydrated. Nuun has a great Hydration 101 page on their site. Here are some highlights:

Staying hydrated makes you smarter and more effective! “Proper hydration is essential for concentration and attention to detail, whether you’re running a marathon, or a marathon of errands. Even a small decline in dehydration levels can result in a decrease of mental and physical performance.”

If you’re an American, you probably need to go get a glass of water (or Nuun).An estimated 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated.”

–Being dehydrated is pretty miserable. Dehydration can result in muscle fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, decreased performance level, and rapid heart rate.

So what does Nuun do? Well, Nuun’s product lines address a variety of needs, whether you are an Ironman or a desk worker (or both!) Here’s how they would guide you:

  • Nuun Active Hydration is formulated specifically for higher intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs. My favorite flavor is Strawberry Lemonade.nuun SL tube 382x369
  • U Natural Hydration is all-natural and contains a lower electrolyte profile to Nuun. I’ve actually never tried it, but the Tangerine Ginger sounds pretty tasty!nuun u natural tangerine full
  • Nuun All Day Hydration helps you drink more water every day with crisp and refreshing flavors and is enhanced with a blend of vitamins and minerals making it perfect for your daily routine. Grapefruit Orange is light and citrusy-I like it!nuun all day ADGO - tubes+tabs - 382x369

So, let’s celebrate hydration! I’m doing a giveaway to get you hooked up with a four-pack of your choice to keep you hydrated this summer! Here are your options to enter:

1. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you know when it’s time to hydrate (One entry).

2. Follow me on Twitter! Then leave a comment on this post and let me know ya did or that you already do. (One entry.)

3. Follow me on Instagram (twistnrun) Then leave a comment on this post and let me know ya did or that you already do. (One entry.)

4. Follow Nuun on Twitter, and leave a comment on this post when you do (One entry.)

5. Follow this blog and leave a comment on this post that you did. (One entry.)

6. Tweet about the giveaway and link to it, then comment on this post that you did (Once a day, one entry each tweet & comment.) Suggested wording: “Here’s to hydration and a Nuun giveaway from @twistnrun! http://wp.me/p25DR7-ou”

Here’s to hydration!

(Contest ends at midnight EST on July 12th, 2013. Winner will be announced on the blog and via Twitter by July 15th, 2013. Nuun is providing the 4-pack to the winner–I’m just providing my opinion! –LM)