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Happy Monday! Want to start the week with something juicy? Well, I have a very serious confession to make: I’ve been cheating on running. With a stationary bike. And *shhhhhhhh* I like it. I know, juicy, right? Seriously, it’s part of my cross-training as I rehab my leg and prepare for Hood to Coast. To be honest, I go through fits and spurts with the bike. I’d like to bike more outside–shoot, I’d actually love to do a duathlon one day. Problem is, I do not feel safe on the roads in Atlanta, and don’t have a nearby place to cycle. So it’s a gym thing for me for now, and unless I’m injured I rarely think to do it, because, well, I’d rather be running.

But right now I’m excited to be on the bike. I like working different muscles, I like feeling challenged… I’m coping really well.

I’m also running more, so that’s awesome. And between the two, plus some serious strength training I’ve been doing, I am not sweating my Hood to Coast prep as much as I once was. This is not the training cycle I’d hoped for, but there’s a lesson in here somewhere. Probably patience. Humility. All those wonderful things that running continues to teach me. πŸ˜€


drink all the nuun

Congrats to Amanda, who will soon be a hydrating machine. She won my Nuun giveaway be leaving comment #44 on the blog. Random.org chose that number, and so she wins the Nuun lottery. Congrats Amanda! And thank you to all the people who left the blog some love, and followed my adventures here, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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