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When someone wants to tell me about how barefoot running would solve all my problems.

TIM3 cover-ears


When someone asks me if I’m worried about having a heart attack/blowing out my joints/needing a new knee because I run.

TIM3 angry-eyes


When someone goes on and on about being so slow… when they are way faster than me.TIM3 crushed so-sad


When I’m not able to run for a while and my endorphins are low.

TIM3 emotionally-compromised


Crushing my speedwork

TIM3 gtfo-kick


When I go to the running store and see the Great Wall of ShoesTIM3 happy-yes


When I get woken up prematurely from my post-long run nap.TIM3 huh


When my training is going great, then I get injured.

TIM3 Sheep-hates-dance


When I’m late to get into my corral at a race.TIM3 Train-station-doors


When my running friends and I are Rungry.TIM3 Owl-chugs-rat


if I tried to do hurdles.TIM3 Girl-couch-jumping-fail